"I AM the light of the heart, shining in the darkness of being"

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Questions to ponder...

Have you noticed that you seem to keep attracting the same type of energy into your romantic relationships?

Are you sick of attracting what you DON"T want?

Are you starting to wonder if you should just give up on relationships all together?

Are you recently out of a toxic relationship and wondering how to start all over?

Are you feeling jaded about love and relationships?

Have you given up on the fairytale love you once imagined?

If you answered YES  to any of these, then you have a pivotal life decision to make.


We are all  Creators!  The moment we decide to be conscious creators , we become empowered by the light within and we can Create cosmic relationships beyond what we ever imagined! 


       we decide that we're done with relationships for good, or we CHOOSE to make some dramatic changes in ourselves in order to CREATE the relationship we want.

If you are choosing the latter, then

I am excited to work with you!

You and I get to go on the most rewarding journey of your entire lifetime, the journey inside!

I hold your hand and take you inside, even to the scary places... and I hold a safe, loving and empowering space for you to come to not only know yourself, but also to love yourself. When you can meet yourself from a place of LOVE, you will discover your greatest power, your deepest desires, and your most authentic self.  When you come from a place of self-love, you will honor every part of yourself and you will know exactly what it is that you desire in a loving relationship. 

From this Magical place of self-love and empowerment is where you can CREATE the relationship of your dreams!

"Jennifer helped me get back to my authentic self after years of denying my true self just so I could "survive" in the world.  It is a miracle that I have fallen in love with myself and have manifested a relationship that is beyond "fairytale" for me. My life has never been happier!"

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